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Have you seen ceramic ball bearings

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The bearing is typically composed of an outer ring, an inner ring, and a rolling element. The maximum not unusual bearings are commonly manufactured from metallic, however, do you already know ceramic ball bearings

within the development of ceramic engineering products, ceramic ball bearings are an ordinary instance of extensive software within the commercial field, and were tremendously valued by means of many nations. among excessive-velocity precision bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings are the most widely used, and the bearing rings are still metal jewelry. This form of bearing has a high degree of standardization, small adjustments to the shape of the machine device, easy preservation, and mainly appropriate for the excessive-pace operation. The assembled high-velocity electric spindle has the advantages of high velocity, excessive tension, excessive electricity, and lengthy lifestyles.

Composition of ceramic ball bearings

because the ceramic ball itself has self-lubricating homes, the lubrication can be consistent with the use of necessities, without or with grease. Seals also can be used to decide whether or not ceramic ball bearings have seals.

advantages of ceramic ball bearings

excessive temperature resistance

The thermal enlargement coefficient of ceramic balls is small, and the bearing ball will no longer amplify due to temperature in an excessive temperature surrounding, which greatly increases the operating temperature of the complete bearing. The temperature of everyday bearings is about a hundred and sixty ranges, and the ceramic ball can reach greater than 220 levels.

Ceramic balls have oil-loose self-lubricating residences, and the friction coefficient of ceramic balls is small, so ceramic ball bearings have a high velocity. In line with statistics, bearings the use of ceramic balls are extra than 1.5 times the speed of popular bearings.

lengthy life

Ceramic balls can be introduced without any grease, and this is to mention, although the grease is dried, the bearing can nevertheless perform, in order that untimely harm to the bearing as a result of grease drying out in normal bearings can be averted.


using ceramic ball bearings can insulate the internal and outer jewelry of the bearing, because the ceramic ball is an insulator, and the use of ceramic balls between the internal and outer rings of the bearing can attain the effect of insulation. This enables the bearing to be in conducive surroundings Used. Rolling bearings are composed of earrings, rolling factors, retainers, grease, and seals. When the rolling elements are fabricated from ceramic cloth, this rolling bearing is described as a ceramic ball bearing.


on the grounds that ceramics are scarcely immune to corrosion, ceramic rolling bearings are suitable for operation in harsh conditions blanketed with corrosive media.

precise flexibility

because the elastic modulus of ceramic is better than that of steel, it isn't always easy to deform when subjected to pressure, so it's miles conducive to enhancing the running speed and attaining higher accuracy.

Low density

for the reason that density of ceramic rolling balls is lower than that of steel, and the weight is plenty lighter, the centrifugal impact of the outer ring all through rotation may be reduced by way of 40%, and the service life is substantially prolonged.

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