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Introduction and Industrial Application of New Processing Methods of Alumina Industrial Ceramics

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Ceramic parts have the characteristics of high hardness and corrosion resistance. Let me explain the performance characteristics of this kind of ceramic piece "Introduction to new processing methods of alumina ceramics and industrial applications."

Compared with ordinary ceramic plates, precision alumina ceramic plates are very different in composition and manufacturing process. Everyday ceramics are completed through three methods: raw material preparation, blank forming, and kiln firing. Most precision alumina ceramic chips are manufactured by powder sintering technology.
Alumina ceramic raw materials have physical and electrical properties and low-cost production, so it is a kind of structural ceramics commonly used at this stage. The use of submicron aluminum oxide ultrafine powder can produce air alumina precision ceramic materials with a tensile strength of 700~1000Mpa and a Weber deformation coefficient of 40. However, the fracture toughness of this material is very low, usually only 3~ 4MPa.m.

At present, the application of alumina ceramics in the market far exceeds our expectations. The widespread application of alumina ceramics is more and more extensive because it can meet the needs of our daily life and meet the needs of some unique properties. However, alumina ceramics have been widely used in modern society.

High-purity alumina ceramics refer to ceramic materials with an alumina content of more than 99.9%. Since the sintering temperature is as high as 1650-1990°C and the transmission wavelength is 1-6 μm, molten glass is generally used instead of the platinum crucible. Its light transmittance and alkali metal corrosion resistance can be used as a sodium lamp; in the electronics industry, it can be used as an integrated circuit substrate and high-frequency insulating material.

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