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Advanced energy materials: graphene: a new electrocatalyst carrier for energy conversion

wallpapers News 2020-08-20
Although the large consumption of

fossil fuels promotes the rapid economic development it also brings serious energy shortage environmental pollution. It is a good choice to develop an efficient sustainable technology to produce clean energy instead of non renewable energy. Electrocatalysis is considered as an ideal technology because of its simple operation high efficiency low cost. Electrocatalyst is the core of electrocatalysis technology. The development of high performance high stability electrocatalyst is a great challenge. At present some electrocatalysts such as noble metals metal oxidation transition metal sulfides layered double hydroxides have been developed for Electrocatalysis but they have some disadvantages such as poor conductivity easy agglomeration so on. Loading these electrocatalysts on carbon materials will effectively improve these shortcomings so as to improve the performance of electrocatalysis. Unlike previously developed carbon materials graphene is the first to realize the coexistence of Sp1 SP2 hybrid carbon atoms in two-dimensional planar structure. This makes graphene have excellent properties such as adjustable b gap high-speed carrier migration efficiency strong conductivity high π - conjugation regular ordered pore structure. Therefore graphene is expected to be a new type of electrocatalyst carrier to improve the catalytic performance of traditional electrocatalysts.

Professor Zeng Guangming Associate Professor Lai Cui from school of environment Hunan University summarized that graphene can be used as different electrocatalyst supports to improve the performance of catalysts for energy conversion. They analyzed the feasibility of using graphene as the carrier of electrocatalyst from the aspects of molecular structure electronic properties mechanical properties stability. The high-speed carrier mobility strong conductivity of graphene can improve the conductivity of traditional electrocatalyst the large specific surface area can improve the dispersion of traditional catalyst the regular ordered pore structure can improve the mass transfer effect the excellent mechanical properties stability can improve the overall stability of catalyst. Based on this the research group summarized the electrocatalysts loaded with different graphene in detail analyzed how to improve the catalytic performance of graphene in these electrocatalysts. In addition the research group systematically summarized the application of these graphene supported electrocatalysts in energy conversion including hydrogen evolution reaction oxygen evolution reaction oxygen reduction reaction total water solution nitrogen reduction. Finally the research group put forward some prospects for the future development of graphene graphene based materials.

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