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Advanced materials: self matching triboelectric / piezoelectric nano generator based on vapor phase separation PVDF and recombinant spider silk protein

wallpapers News 2020-11-07
With the rapid development of

wearable electronics there is a huge dem for portable integrated even integrated energy. In recent years wearable flexible nanogenerators such as friction nanogenerators have attracted extensive attention as effective energy conversion devices. However the low energy conversion efficiency insufficient flexibility poor compatibility with human body of the existing contact separation friction nanogenerators restrict their practical application in wearable energy converters. At present the main methods of

to improve the performance of triboelectric nanogenerators are to design nanostructures adjust the material itself both of which aim to improve the efficiency of electron transfer between material pairs but both of them bring high development costs. Piezoelectric material is a kind of material that can generate surface potential under the action of external force its surface potential can help or inhibit the transfer of surface electrons. Therefore the energy conversion efficiency of nano generator can be effectively enhanced by matching piezoelectric material into triboelectric material system. Ding Guqiao research group of Shanghai Institute of microsystems information technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences Tao Hu research group put forward the concept of self matching based on piezoelectric triboelectric. With the close cooperation support of Xia Xiaoxia research group of Shanghai Jiaotong University Mao Ying research group of Huashan Hospital a hybrid nano generator system based on piezoelectric potential modified triboelectric was developed which has high energy consumption Hybrid nanogenerators with high conversion efficiency

flexible piezoelectric materials polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a kind of polymer material with high-voltage electrical properties which is widely used in wearable piezoelectric nano generators sensors. Under the action of external force PVDF can produce high piezoelectric potential on its surface is very similar to the triboelectric material polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Good contact surface charge modification. Graphene due to its ultra-high specific surface area negative surface potential can be used to enhance the doping of PVDF. It has been reported that the phase separation method can initiate the formation of PVDF high-voltage electrical phase. Therefore researchers use graphene doping vapor induced phase separation to induce the piezoelectric induction of PVDF attach it to the surface of pet to modify the surface charge of pet. On the other h spider silk protein modified by gene was used as electron losing material to form gain loss material pair with pet. Finally the hybrid nano generator with high energy conversion performance is obtained by matching the obtained electronic material pair with the de electronic material pair. The device can generate an open circuit voltage of 300 V a short circuit current of 72 ì a (device area is 6.25 cm2) under the action of external force the highest energy density can reach 4016 mwm-2. Compared with the reported flexible nano generator its energy density reaches the leading level the energy conversion efficiency also reaches 50.9% %And the stable energy output was maintained during the energy collection process of 18000 cycles. Because the main material of the device is composed of biocompatible PVDF spider silk protein which can be implanted into the human body collect energy the researchers implanted the device into the mouse which can collect the energy of the mouse's heartbeat charge the capacitor; at the same time due to the high output voltage of the device it can be used to prepare triboelectric / piezoelectric sensors to recognize human motion gestures etc.

Compared with other reported methods

has a simpler more effective enhancement effect by using piezoelectric surface potential to help triboelectric electron transfer it is based on biocompatible PVDF gene editing recombinant spider silk protein which avoids the damage to the organism in the process of implantation ensures high energy conversion rate to provide enough energy for driving low-energy electronic devices Operation promotes the development of wearable electronics in the future.

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