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Carbon black price fell nearly 70%, analysis said it is conducive to industry reshuffle

wallpapers News 2020-08-24
Recently, the prices of major domestic carbon black enterprises have dropped by about 400-500 yuan / ton, with a decrease rate of about 7%. Industry insiders said that the price reduction was mainly related to the decline of raw materials, poor downstream dem enterprises' own inventory. However, some analysts said that the price of carbon black fell within a certain range, which is conducive to the industry reshuffle eliminate backward production capacity.

analysts said that as the weather turns cold, the carbon black downstream tire industry starts to decline, the dem is not good, the manufacturer's own high inventory is also a big problem. In addition, the upstream coal tar price has recently dropped slightly, losing the cost support for carbon black price, so the carbon black price shows a downward trend, "however, the price change of coal tar is not big, the impact is small.".

at the same time, the analyst said that near the end of the year, carbon black enterprises have problems such as capital withdrawal inventory discharge, the price drop is normal, but the profit margin of enterprises may be squeezed to a certain extent. According to the data of

, the mainstream of carbon black market negotiation in Shanxi Province is 5400-5500 yuan / ton, that of Shong Province is 6100-6200 yuan / ton, that of Jiangsu Zhejiang Province is about 6700 yuan / ton. It is expected that the carbon black market will still decline in the future. At the end of last week (December 5), the average price of coal tar ex factory quoted by domestic enterprises was 2054.55 yuan / ton, a decline of 0.65%. Some people in the industry of

said that at present, the carbon black market is seriously divided, the current price of small enterprises is under great pressure, the operating rate of small carbon black manufacturers is about 30%, facing the risk of bankruptcy, "the overall decline of the price does not exclude the possibility of further reshuffle of the industry.". Previous analysis pointed out that black cat shares, Cabot Longxing Chemical Co., the top three carbon black enterprises in China, accounted for about 30% of the market share. With the continuous improvement of industry concentration, the competitive pattern has been significantly improved, large enterprises are expected to enhance their bargaining power for the downstream have obvious leading advantages.

have repeatedly called black cat, a leading carbon black enterprise, on the public phone, but they have been in a state of no answer. Carbon black is the second largest raw material in rubber industry. About 91% of carbon black products are used in rubber industry. About 67% of carbon black is used in tires 24% is used in other rubber products.

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