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Development direction of tar industry in 2014

wallpapers News 2020-11-24
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's coal chemical industry,

has attracted the attention of the industry to produce clean energy alternative petrochemical products with new coal chemical industry. At present, China's coking industry is facing the dilemma of increasing production but not increasing efficiency enterprises' low efficiency, coal tar processing is an effective way for coking enterprises to create efficiency. According to statistics,

, China's coal tar production capacity will exceed 25 million tons in 2014. At present, 125 sets of coal tar processing units have been built in China, with a capacity of more than 22 million tons / year, distributed in more than 110 enterprises. Among them, the total production capacity of processing enterprises with a capacity of more than 300000 tons / year reaches 12.47 million tons / year, accounting for more than 50% of the total production capacity; there are 35 sets of devices that can not meet the operating conditions, of which 20 sets have a capacity of less than 100000 tons / year.

, but at present, the coal tar resources in China are only about 20 million tons, resulting in the shortage of raw material supply low start-up load of the plant. According to experts attending the meeting, coal tar oil can be processed to produce a variety of products, which can provide scarce resources for modern fine chemical industry, the added value of products is high. However, at present, the varieties of coal tar deep processed products in China are limited, the low-end homogeneous competition is fierce.

at present, there are some problems in China's coal tar processing industry, such as the shortage of raw material supply, the rapid expansion of plant processing capacity, low start-up load, insufficient processing depth of downstream deep-processing products. The solution is to enhance the added value of products produce products with high purity scarce market. In the future, the development trend of coal tar processing industry is that the equipment will gradually tend to be centralized large-scale; the processing depth will be continuously improved; the processing technology processing technology will be promoted to energy saving, high efficiency cleaning; with the high-end dem of users, the product quality varieties will be further developed.

at the same time, the proportion of high value-added products in China's coal tar processing products is very low. Only when the coal tar is processed intensively on a large scale, can the economic benefit be improved.

in the coal tar processing industry with fierce competition, enterprises should continuously develop new products according to market dem, improve the purity of products, exp the use value of products. For example, the valuable chemical products can be extracted through deep processing of products such as washing oil, anthracene oil crude phenols. The extraction processing of scarce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as methylnaphthalene, anthracene oil, pyridine base compounds other substances in coal tar, combined with the development of new materials new medicine, will also create a new world for coal tar processing.

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