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Development of coal chemical industry will promote "coal revolution"

wallpapers News 2020-11-21

on December 18, the "strategic research on clean, efficient sustainable development utilization of coal in China" led by the Chinese Academy of engineering was released in Beijing. The research report points out that China should actively promote the industrialization process of coal chemical industry, vigorously develop modern coal chemical technology, scientifically lay out construction, pay attention to energy conservation environmental protection. It is predicted that by 2020, the product structure of coal chemical industry will change significantly, the proportion of coal consumption of traditional coal chemical industry in total coal consumption of coal chemical industry will be greatly reduced, the proportion of modern coal chemical industry will be significantly increased. Xie Kechang, the project leader of

, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the press conference that the coal related industries will definitely have a revolution, but it is not "the life of coal". For today's China, "de coal" is not desirable. The core of the revolution in the coal field is to promote the clean utilization of the whole coal industry chain as a whole. Therefore, we must break through the technical bottleneck, reduce water consumption emissions, reduce costs, at the same time, orderly layout moderately develop modern coal chemical industry. We should also develop the secondary development technology of scarce coal, especially in the coking industry, pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of high sulfur, high ash low rank coal, improve the utilization rate of resources.

coal chemical industry is an important way of clean utilization of coal. The research report points out that the development of coal chemical industry in China has both advantages disadvantages, as well as opportunities challenges. The advantages are mainly reflected in the relatively rich coal resources relatively low price; the disadvantages are the ecological damage environmental pollution, the huge amount of investment brings greater project risk, excessive disorderly development leads to low operating rate, lack of perfect cleaner production stards evaluation methods, insufficient scientific research investment lack of professional talents.

In order to ensure the national energy security strategically, the research report holds that China should vigorously develop modern coal chemical technologies such as "replacing oil with coal" "coal to gas", actively promote its industrialization commercialization; strictly examine approve coal chemical projects to avoid disorderly development local protectionism; , with reference to foreign experience, step up research on the impact of carbon tax on coal chemical industry We should make clear the layout development roadmap of China's coal chemical industry, develop coal chemical industry in an orderly way; formulate a large-scale coal chemical industry demonstration park plan with coal production base as the core from the national level, abon local protectionism; develop innovative technologies with independent intellectual property rights, introduce absorb advanced energy-saving, water-saving purification technologies at home abroad; cultivate coal chemical professionals; establish coal chemical projects In order to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development of coal chemical industry.

consider the emission of coal industry chain air pollution. According to the current technical conditions pollutant emission intensity, China's coal consumption should be controlled within 2 billion tons by 2030. To meet the energy dem of economic development, coal consumption will reach about 4.5 billion tons by 2030. In order to solve the contradiction, we must rely on technological progress greatly reduce the emission of unit energy consumption. Li Yongwu, President of China Petroleum Chemical Industry Federation, attended the conference. He believes that the release of the research report is very timely, which has a very good guiding role for the ongoing discussion on the 13th five year plan. At present, China's coal chemical industry has not yet formed a strong competitive power in terms of varieties high efficiency, it is necessary to accelerate the development of coal chemical industry. China's coal chemical industry is in the transition period. At present, China's coal chemical industry is in the period of transformation from traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry. The traditional coal chemical industry, which is composed of coke, semi coke, calcium carbide, synthetic ammonia methanol, has a series of serious problems, such as relatively scattered layout, generally small enterprise scale, low technical level, backward overall equipment level, high energy consumption, excess capacity serious pollution, which weakens the market competitiveness of coal chemical products, the development of traditional coal chemical industry is no longer Sustainable, transformation is imperative. At present, China has successfully developed advanced technologies of modern coal chemical industry, such as coal to olefin, coal to ethylene glycol, coal liquefaction, etc., has carried out engineering demonstration achieved good results.

● modern coal chemical industry should develop orderly

. In order to develop modern coal chemical industry, the market dem of various chemical products should be considered as a whole, the strategic layout of coal chemical industry should be reasonably planned in combination with coal, water other resources, so as to ensure the orderly development of coal chemical industry in accordance with the national unified plan. We should promote the development of modern coal chemical industry, promote the planning of modern coal chemical industry demonstration park, actively promote the development construction of large-scale, industrial park base of coal chemical industry. It is necessary to optimize the industrial structure development layout of coal chemical industry, moderately develop coal chemical industry in areas with sufficient water resources, rich coal resources, large environmental capacity good transportation conditions, strictly restrict the development of coal chemical industry in areas with net coal transfer in, water shortage environmental capacity. It is necessary to build cultivate coal based polygeneration related industries, strive to carry out demonstration of about 10 sets of coal based polygeneration systems with different paths before 2020, build about 20 sets of coal based polygeneration systems by 2030, so as to realize the industrialization of polygeneration technology.

● there is a contradiction between energy consumption economy.

through the life cycle analysis of coke, coal to natural gas, coal to oil, coal to olefin, coal to ethylene glycol other coal chemical products, it is found that the products with longer production process have higher resource consumption pollutant emission, but at the same time, the economy is also relatively good. For example, coal to olefin coal to ethylene glycol have higher energy consumption water consumption than coke coal to methane, but they have higher added value better economic effect. Therefore, the development of coal chemical industry should be considered comprehensively, not only economic benefits, but also energy consumption.

● advanced coal gasification technology is very important.

advanced clean coal gasification technology is very important to the development of coal chemical industry. In the future, partial gasification staged conversion technology, pyrolysis gasification staged conversion technology, catalytic gasification technology hydrogenation gasification technology are full of development potential. The core idea of

partial gasification staged conversion technology is to realize staged conversion for different components of coal, the gas obtained from partial gasification of coal is used for combustionMaterials or chemical raw materials, the remaining semi coke is used by combustion. The technology of pyrolysis gasification staged conversion is suitable for coal rich in volatile tar. The hydrogen rich volatiles in solid fuel are separated out by medium low temperature pyrolysis to obtain tar pyrolysis gas, then the semi coke produced is gasified to produce syngas, in which the coal tar oil has high utilization value. Catalytic gasification technology refers to the process of gasification reaction between coal gasification agent in the presence of catalyst. By adding catalyst into pulverized coal or coal slurry, the requirements of gasification parameters can be reduced, the gasification efficiency can be improved, the content of a specified component can also be increased. The technology of hydrogenated gasification can make the raw gas contain high concentration of methane, which is conducive to the production of substitute natural gas. Compared with the traditional coal to natural gas (CNG) catalytic methanation process, coal hydro gasification to substitute natural gas has the advantages of simple process, higher efficiency lower cost. "

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