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Export tax rebate policy promotes the prosperity of phosphating industry

wallpapers News 2020-11-12

recently, the Ministry of Finance announced that it would adjust the export tax rebate rate of some products, including sodium tripolyphosphate export tax rebate rate increased to 13%, there was no export tax rebate before.

in addition, under the influence of factors such as ore mining restrictions in winter, the prices of phosphate rock yellow phosphorus in the upstream have rebounded, with an average increase of nearly 5% in recent month, which also provides cost support for the downstream sodium tripolyphosphate. The industry estimates that the domestic phosphorus chemical industry market is currently subject to overcapacity the overall market is relatively low. The Ministry of finance's policy of encouraging exports this time will help boost market dem improve the prosperity of the phosphorus chemical industry. According to the notice of

, from January 1, 2015, 13% of the export tax rebate stard will be implemented for industrial food grade sodium tripolyphosphate, 9% for food grade sodium hexametaphosphate. The increase of export tax rebate indirectly reduces the production cost of enterprises, which helps to enhance the international competitiveness of sodium phosphate boost the export market. It is understood that related enterprises have also actively formulated the sales strategy in 2015, will increase the proportion of export share in the later stage. The industry is expected to ease the domestic overcapacity situation improve the business environment of the industry.

in terms of industry fundamentals, according to the industrial chain of phosphate rock yellow phosphorus phosphoric acid sodium tripolyphosphate, there are positive signs in the upstream. Due to the influence of winter weather, ore mining in some areas is limited. In addition, the winter storage market has been started in succession, the price of phosphate rock has increased steadily. It is understood that due to the winter in Guizhou other places, the mining transportation of some mines will be affected by the weather, the start-up of the mines in the future will show a downward trend. In addition, the implementation of phosphate fertilizer export policy, the cancellation of the window in the off peak season, the export dem is expected to be better, which improves the enthusiasm of the downstream fertilizer enterprises for ore preparation. In terms of

yellow phosphorus, in December 2014, the market broke the stable situation realized an overall upward trend, with the latest quotation of 14775 yuan / ton. At present, the on-site supply is lower than that in previous years, there is no large amount of inventory shipment in the later stage, most of the orders of enterprises have been arranged in the middle late January, the follow-up market is still dominated by a small margin. In addition, the downstream food grade phosphoric acid is in the peak dem season, which also brings some support to the market.

for sodium tripolyphosphate itself, the latest situation shows that the overall market is at a low level, with industrial price of 5500-6000 yuan per ton food grade of 6500-7000 yuan. At present, the operation of plant is relatively stable, most of them are produced on dem. Generally speaking,

, the export tax rebate policy of the Ministry of finance shows that the government attaches great importance to this product encourages its export volume while reducing the cost of enterprises. In addition, the rising prices of phosphate ore yellow phosphorus in the upstream also provide cost support for sodium tripolyphosphate. In terms of

listed companies, Chengxing Co., Ltd. is the leader of fine phosphorus chemical industry, with phosphoric acid phosphate production capacity ranking at the forefront of the market, of which the capacity of sodium tripolyphosphate is close to 100000 tons. In addition, the company also has a phosphate mining capacity of 1.1 million tons, as well as hydropower thermal power supply required for yellow phosphorus production, the industrial chain is relatively perfect. Liuguo chemical is a large-scale fine phosphorus chemical enterprise in China. At present, it has formed three production bases in Anhui, Jiangxi Hubei, with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons of diammonium phosphate 150000 tons of Monoammonium. At the same time, the company's 280000 tons of synthetic ammonia project has been put into operation, greatly improving the self-sufficiency rate of phosphate fertilizer raw materials, ensuring the stable increase of production load. It is worth noting that the new policy of phosphate fertilizer tariff has been introduced in 2015, which cancels the window of low peak seasons, reduces the overall tax burden cost, which is conducive to improving the company's export volume.

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