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Fixation And Lubrication Of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

wallpapers News 2020-04-03

The working performance of cylindrical roller bearings depends mostly on their material properties. Low-alloy, high-purity integrally quenched chrome steel is usually used as the material for manufacturing roller bearing rings and rolling elements. For bearings subjected to high impact loads and alternating bending stress, carburized steel is used.

Roller bearings are divided into inner and outer rings. How is it fixed? Roller bearings are set with the lock nut. The inner circle of the bearing is axially fixed by the shaft shoulder and the lock nut. It has a lock washer to prevent loosening, which is safe and reliable. The bearing sleeve is set on the shaft by compressing the radial dimension of the inner hole of the adapter sleeve and clamping it on the shaft. The shoulder of the bearing is fixed, and the shoulder and interference axially fix the inner ring of the bearing. Suitable for support structures with fixed ends.

The retaining ring of the bearing is fixed. The inner circle of the bearing is axially fixed by the shaft shoulder and the lock nut and can bear small axial load in both directions. The bearing's end face washer is fixed. The shoulder and the end ring axially set the inner circle of the bearing. The shaft end retaining ring is attached at the shaft end with screws.

It was bearing lubrication analysis. The purpose of bearing lubrication is to reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing. Extend fatigue life. The rolling fatigue life of the bearings is prolonged when the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during rotation. On the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, and the thickness of the lubricating oil film is not suitable, so it is shortened.

Reduce friction and wear. Prevents metal contact and reduces friction and abrasion at the mutually contacting parts of the bearing ring, rolling element, and cage. The frictional heat can be discharged, and the cooling cycle oiling method can be used to cool off the heat generated by friction or the heat from the outside. Prevent the bearing from overheating and prevent the lubricant from aging itself. Others have the effect of preventing foreign matter from entering the taking or preventing rust and corrosion.

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