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Industrial naphthalene city suffers the strongest snowstorm in history

wallpapers News 2020-11-19

industrial naphthalene Market is moving forward difficultly, enterprises are pricing cautiously. At present, more single talks are carried out, new low prices appear slowly in some regions. The transaction concentration of new orders is 3100-3200 yuan / ton, the price of some early implementation is more, ranging from 3200 to 3300 yuan / ton. The weak downstream market, lack of intention to receive goods, coupled with the support of the mentality of buying up not buying down, makes it more difficult for the on-site holding businesses to ship goods, is pessimistic bearish on the future market.

in recent years, industrial naphthalene is the most concerned in the deep processing market, it is also the industrial naphthalene that has fallen most. Although it accounts for less than one tenth of the output of deep processing enterprises, it has attracted the attention of the whole coal tar downstream market. From the market performance point of view, this year's Naphthalene Market can be described as the strongest snowstorm in history. Since July, industrial naphthalene has fallen by nearly 50%. At the same time, last year this year are very different. At present, the price of industrial naphthalene is setting a new record of the historical price decline of industrial naphthalene every day, many people in the industry lament that they have never seen such an industrial naphthalene Market. The collapse of

pure benzene external market Sinopec's several downgrading of pure benzene affected relevant downstream markets, the o-benzene market fell sharply. However, compared with the adjacent process, naphthalene phthalic anhydride is still favored. Naphthalene phthalic anhydride projects, which had been eliminated in the past two years, have been launched one after another. The advantages of low cost high profit have become the focus of many enterprises. In addition, some coal tar deep processing enterprises have taken naphthalene phthalic anhydride as the preferred target while reducing the risk extending the industrial chain. At present, shongchengguang, jiefuyi Hebei Xuyang are involved in this project, naphthalene phthalic anhydride may grow in the later stage Naphthalene based superplasticizer will dominate the market.

real estate industry has entered a cold winter this year, the industries involved are also showing a downward trend. The water reducing agent market is particularly obvious, some key water reducing agent manufacturers have to slow down their operation under the pressure of inventory. At the same time, polycarboxylate superplasticizer gradually occupied the market share of naphthalene superplasticizer. From the current market point of view, the downstream end dem is getting lower lower, the water reducing agent enterprises are still on a downward trend in the later stage. In addition, affected by the impact of carbon black enterprises, coal tar market is also difficult to stabilize, since last week began to show signs of general decline, cost support further weakened. Although the decline of deep-processing products has not decreased, there is no significant change in the start-up of manufacturers, the situation of oversupply in the market is difficult to ease. In the face of many negative effects, it is expected that the industrial naphthalene Market will still be difficult to reach the bottom in the near future, the negotiation focus may fall back.

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