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It is difficult to improve the profit space of ethyl acetate Enterprises

wallpapers News 2020-10-16

in the market dem continues to decline, the national crude oil price decline, the domestic ethyl acetate market price also drift with the current, since 2014, the domestic ethyl acetate price has been fluctuating near the cost line, the profit is meager or even loss. Overcapacity low dem restrict the overall improvement of the industry. Although there was no new production capacity of

in 2014, the effective capacity reached 3.1 million tons, which is still a huge number. The operating rate of the industry was only about 50%, the annual output was about 1.4 million tons. Some data show that China's ethyl acetate plants have been hovering at the edge of profit loss for a long time, many enterprises have lost money in sales. The terminal dem for ethyl acetate of

grows slowly in the near future. In 2014, the domestic real estate industry was in a downturn, the adjustment cycle was long. Under a series of regulatory policies, the situation of industry oversupply became more more obvious, the price adjustment range was wide, the trading volume continued to decline. This directly led to the main downstream of ethyl acetate - paint industry trend downturn. According to the data, in 2014, the growth rate of terminal coating market continued to decline significantly, with monthly output growth less than 5%, while the year-on-year growth rate dropped to less than 10%. In the environment of weak domestic dem export slowdown, the consumption of coating solvent market is not good, the growth rate continues to decline. For ethyl acetate, it is normal that supply exceeds dem. At the same time, the export situation is not satisfactory. Saudi Arabia's low-cost equipment has led to the loss of part of China's export market share in the Middle East. In addition, the more competitive Indian source competition has brought more pressure on China's ethyl acetate export. According to customs statistics, China's export volume of ethyl acetate in October was 29700 tons, a decrease of 8.97% 15.95% compared with the previous month a decrease of 27.34% compared with the same period last year. Fortunately, South Korea's anti-dumping of ethyl acetate is coming to an end, but it remains to be seen how favorable the domestic market is. Therefore, the current trend of ethyl acetate is just following the change of raw materials. In 2014, the domestic acetic acid price of raw material acetic acid reached a new high in the past three years. This trend was not only caused by the frequent failures of domestic acetic acid plants, but also by the downstream PTA vinyl acetate. In 2014, there were more new production capacity of PTA, including 4.5 million tons / year of Xianglu petrochemical, 750 thous tons / year of yishenghua, 220 million tons / year of Hengli The new production capacity of vinyl acetate in 2014 was 450000 tons / year of Sinopec Changcheng Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. The production of these production capacity eased the pressure of acetic acid production sales, eased the contradiction between supply dem, was the main driving force to promote the high price of acetic acid in the year. But for ethyl acetate, it is difficult to improve the profit situation of enterprises due to the blocked cost transmission. Another raw material ethanol, the market is plagued by overcapacity, difficult to make a big improvement.

to sum up, the situation of excess production capacity of ethyl acetate will not change in the short term, the export may even shrink in the later stage. The situation of "more monks fewer employees" is bound to keep the market price at a low position, it is difficult for enterprises to improve their profit margin.

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