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It is of great significance to start MTG with methanol overcapacity

wallpapers News 2020-08-04

In recent years, China's methanol industry as a whole has a serious overcapacity.

How to extend the industrial chain, develop competitive derivative products, break through the surplus pattern, improve the profitability of methanol plant, then promote industrial adjustment upgrading, has become an important topic of methanol industry.

Methanol to gasoline technology (MTG) is favored by more more methanol enterprises investors for its short process, relatively flexible scale, less investment obvious benefit.

In particular, methanol to gasoline projects of many enterprises have been put into operation this year, which has aroused great concern in the industry.

What is the significance of developing MTG? What economic social benefits can be brought about by the MTG project? Can MTG become a sharp weapon to solve the domestic methanol overcapacity by relying on its own advantages? Why should MTG project be launched According to ge Zhiying, chief engineer of Inner Mongolia Menghua Energy Co., Ltd., MTG technology refers to the process that methanol is converted into hydrocarbon oil below C11 through dehydration, oligomerization isomerization through catalyst under certain temperature, pressure space velocity.

"MTG technology has been relatively mature.

ExxonMobil MTG technology in New Zeal has more than 10 years of large-scale operation experience.

On this basis, the second generation MTG technology has been developed at home abroad.

Using the second generation technology, Jinmei group Tianxi company 100000 tons / year, Yunnan Xianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. 200000 tons / year other projects have been put into operation successively, producing 93 high clean gasoline with gasoline quality higher than that of petroleum refining process, realizing stable operation at full load.

" Ge Zhiying said.

The reporter also learned in the interview that at present, there are two mature MTG technologies that have completed the industrial operation practice at home abroad, which are respectively developed by ExxonMobil company of the United States saiding engineering company of Shanxi Institute of coal chemical industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2014, relying on these two technologies, more than 10 projects in China have been successfully put into operation, with an annual production capacity of nearly 1.

3 million tons, including Tianxi company of Jinmei group, two sets of 100000 tons / year of Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Co., Ltd., 200000 tons / year of Yunnan Xianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd., 140000 tons / year of Inner Mongolia Sanwei Coal Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., xiyaoxin of Hebei Province Energy technology company 100000 tons / year, Xinjiang Xinye Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. 100000 tons / year, Inner Mongolia Fenghui Chemical Co., Ltd. 300000 tons / year, Tangshan Jingjie Industrial Co., Ltd. 200000 tons / year, most of which were completed put into operation this year.

In addition, there are nearly 30 projects under construction, with a planned annual production capacity of 9 million tons, the total production capacity of the projects put into operation under construction exceeds 10 million tons / year, which indicates that MTG has risen to a new force in the transfer demonstration of domestic methanol industry.

Ge Zhiying pointed out that the investment in MTG projects in China has gradually increased, mainly due to the continuous maturity improvement of the technology the successful demonstration effect of industrialization commercialization.

In terms of project economy investment market prospect, on the one h, taking coal to methanol as raw material adopting MTG process to produce gasoline at the current coal price has certain profitability anti price risk ability.

The profit anti price risk ability of MTG project with purchased methanol are reduced, but the sales income of by-products can resist the project risk within a certain range.

There are no technical problems in the extraction purification of Mesitylene from MTG byproduct mixed aromatics, the rectification unit with relatively high investment in petrochemical C10 aromatics purification method can be omitted.

The purification separation cost is low, the purity can meet the requirements of downstream users.

If the MTG project is combined with the deep processing of mixed aromatics, the economic benefits will be significant.

on the other h, MTG process can directly produce clean gasoline with high octane number, can also be used as a blending component of petroleum refining gasoline to improve the quality of gasoline, which is in line with the development strategy of China's recent development of alternative fuels for vehicles with the main goal of making up for oil shortage solving the shortage of vehicle fuel.

Li zhanliang, deputy general manager of coal chemical business department of Jinmei group, shares the same view with Ge Zhiying.

He told reporters that taking the 1 million T / a MTG project under construction in Jinmei group as an example, the total investment of the project is about 3 billion yuan.

After completion operation, it can digest 2.

5 million tons of methanol annually, produce 870000 tons of high-quality clean gasoline, 130000 tons of lpg130000 tons 130000 tons of mesitylene mixture.

According to the feasibility study report of the project, it is estimated that after the project is completed put into operation, the sales revenue will reach 9.

3 billion yuan / year, the total profits taxes will be 2 billion yuan / year, the internal rate of return before after income tax of the project will be 16.

78% 13.

39% respectively The static investment payback period before income tax is 7.

15 years that after income tax is 8.

17 years, which has strong profitability.

Under the new normal, the development of MTG is of great significance.

Guo Xinyu, chairman of Jiangsu coal chemical engineering research Design Institute, said in an interview that MTG has improved the technology level of downstream development of methanol, formed another mature technology to promote the upgrading of methanol industry, could also become the successor Industrial chain of methanol reduce excess capacity.

Guo Xinyu said that MTG gasoline is of high quality more environmentally friendly, which brings new opportunities for the development of methanol to clean fuel.

Compared with petroleum refining gasoline, MTG gasoline has a higher octane number.

the sulfur content of MTG gasoline can meet the national five stards without sulfur or a small amount of sulfur brought in.

the aromatics content, olefin content benzene content of the product are far better than the requirements of national III IV gasoline stards, so it can be sold alone in the market, can also be used as one of the effective measures to solve the gasoline quality problems with low cost.

It can also be used to blend reforming gasoline with higher aromatics content catalytic gasoline with higher olefin content.

At the same time, MTG can alleviate the contradiction of methanol overcapacity.

At present, China's methanol production capacity is about 70 million tons / year, while the actual consumption is about 56% of the capacity value.

In 2020, the methanol production capacity is expected to reach 85 million tons / year.

Since this year, as China's economy continues to operate at a low level the market dem is shrinking, many methanol enterprises have cut production stopped production.

The problem of methanol overcapacity is particularly prominent.

Actively exploring the outlet of methanol products maintaining the continuous stable production of the existing units will be of great importance to the survival of enterprises.

From the point of view of methanol consumption, if 1 ton of gasoline is produced 2.

5 tons of methanol is consumed, an MTG production line with a capacity of 300000 tons / year can consume about 750000 tons of methanol annually, which is quite effective in reducing methanol.

"Can MTG in ChinaIt depends on whether there is excess methanol.

In other words, MTG can take on the task of resolving methanol surplus promoting industrial upgrading.

If methanol is surplus, MTG may become a good way to extend the downstream industrial chain of methanol.

The recovery of MTG in recent years also fully reveals this possibility.

At present, some domestic methanol enterprises are generally watching closely, more more enterprises are consulting researching MTG technology projects.

" China Science Synthetic Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. technical consultant Tang Hongqing said.

According to Tang Hongqing's analysis, from an economic point of view, methanol to synthetic gasoline is related to the market price of crude oil.

When the crude oil price is higher than $70 per barrel, enterprises in methanol producing areas can get rid of the "Curse" of excess capacity firm up.

When crude oil price returns to normal level or soars, MTG's profit level will rise.

After the price of crude oil has exceeded $100 per barrel, the call for finding alternative petroleum energy opening up new sources of chemical raw materials is also increasing.

MTG will be paid more attention.

In addition, although methanol is directly mixed with gasoline to form methanol gasoline fuel, it is more attractive to convert methanol into gasoline.

Methanol added into gasoline is not as good as MTG, which has no impact on environmental protection engine, is much more convenient.

In addition, the problem of blending methanol with gasoline involves the national fuel stard so on.

Su Zhigang, general manager of transportation marketing department of Boyuan chemical group, pointed out that it is expected that there will be surplus methanol in China in 2015, the life of methanol enterprises will not be easy.

MTG is indeed a good way out for the development of methanol to downstream industrial chain.

Compared with other downstream methanol technologies, MTG technology is relatively simple has certain advantages in reactor technology, oil post-treatment technology oil quality.

From the perspective of production operation, one of the advantages of the production process is that the methanol synthesis process is connected with the MTG process through liquid methanol, which can be easily stored in a methanol storage tank.

The two sets of devices can be operated separately without the complete shutdown of the whole plant.

Although MTG has many advantages in technology, environmental protection economy, it still needs to overcome many difficulties in order to truly undertake the task of methanol industry adjustment upgrading resolving excess capacity.

Wang Lei, general manager of Yunnan Jiehua clean energy development Co., Ltd., said: "our company's 200000 t / a MTG project has been put into operation.

The project provides a demonstration for the upgrading of domestic methanol industry.

It has broken through seven technical systems obtained 24 technical patents.

Its technological innovation can solve the environmental protection problems of traditional coal chemical technology in industrialization, its technical level can be described as leading in China one in the world Flow.

However, at present, Yunnan MTG project is still faced with many difficulties, such as financing, construction of coal transportation line, etc.

, market access is the biggest challenge at present.

At present, with the implementation of franchise of oil products, MTG is faced with policy problems such as no sales door.

" Li zhanliang disclosed to reporters that Jinmei group is China's first MTG successful industrial production enterprise.

Whether MTG can shoulder the heavy responsibility of methanol transfer depends on two factors: one is consumption tax.

According to the national tax regulations, the consumption tax on gasoline is 1388 yuan / ton, equivalent to 1 yuan per liter.

According to the calculation, the consumption tax accounts for nearly 20% of the unit manufacturing cost of the project, which increases the cost pressure on the production operation of the project, while other coal chemical products do not need to bear the consumption tax.

second, the development space of methanol gasoline follow-up market may be impacted by methanol mixed fuel.

At present, although methanol fuel lacks the support of relevant supporting policies, such as pricing mechanism, fiscal taxation policies, development mode technical platform, the production, sales application of alcohol ether fuel are lack of scientific guidance specification.

However, at present, some provinces in China are carrying out large-scale methanol fuel vehicle pilot projects.

If the pilot is successful, high proportion of methanol vehicle alternative fuels, such as M85 or M100, may be widely promoted, which will open up another new downstream consumption channel for China's methanol industry, have a certain impact on the market sales of MTG projects.

Third, the next few years will be the centralized release period of coal to olefin capacity in China.

The release of methanol to olefin unit capacity may push up the price of methanol, which will greatly weaken the competitiveness of MTG.

Li Zhihai, deputy general manager of Inner Mongolia Zhongneng Coal Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., said that the unit capacity investment unit energy investment of methanol to gasoline are roughly equivalent to that of direct coal liquefaction to oil or indirect liquefaction to oil.

due to the differences in technology, the unit product cost unit energy cost of methanol to gasoline are higher than those of direct coal liquefaction to oil or indirect coal liquefaction to oil.

At present, there is a lack of effective management for adding a certain proportion of methanol to gasoline in the market, the default price is that one volume of methanol is sold for one volume of gasoline.

This market mechanism raises the price of methanol denies the need for enterprises to invest in methanol to gasoline.

The current methanol gasoline market mechanism is difficult to maintain for a long time.

If the proportion of methanol added is taken as the basis of gasoline pricing, the differential price of methanol gasoline methanol gasoline will be implemented, which will be conducive to the recovery of methanol to reasonable price the development of methanol to gasoline industry.

A person in charge of Zhejiang zheneng Petroleum New Energy Co., Ltd., who did not want to be named, complained to reporters that the MTG project of the company is being accelerated, but there are still worries.

In addition to the high consumption tax heavy tax burden, which leads to the high cost of MTG, the domestic oil refining enterprises have been enjoying the state financial subsidies, the market competition is unfair.

At the same time, the sales of refined oil in the domestic market are mainly controlled by the two state-owned enterprises of PetroChina Sinopec.

MTG products will have market access problems need to be supported from the policy level.

As the domestic MTG production capacity is not yet large, the enterprises that have put into operation generally choose to sell synthetic oil products to PetroChina Sinopec, reducing part of their profits.

At present, Shenhua, Yitai other enterprises have obtained the right to sell oil products, but they lack a nationwide sales system, it is difficult to approve the construction of gas stations.

In view of this, experts business circles appeal that in the early stage of the rise of MTG industry in China, it is suggested that the state should give preferential industrial policies support in terms of Taxation, market access promotion of large-scale production.

In particular, as soon as possible, MTG high stard special environmental protection oil products will be included in the scope of comprehensive utilization of resources, preferential tax policies will be implemented for MTG oil products.

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