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Japan decided to impose 4-month anti-dumping duty on TDI made in China

wallpapers News 2020-10-05

the Japanese government decided on the 12th to impose a four month anti-dumping duty on polyurethane raw materials made in China, on the ground that toluene diisocyanate imported from China was illegally sold in Japan at a low price, thus harming the interests of Japanese enterprises.

toluene diisocyanate are chemical raw materials for making automobile seats bedding. After completing the relevant procedures within the government, the anti-dumping duty is expected to be levied as soon as possible from the end of this year, with the tax rate of 69.4% of the import price.

in the future, the Japanese government will continue to investigate relevant Japanese Chinese enterprises to determine whether to take new measures to impose anti-dumping duties for up to five years. The Ministry of Finance the Ministry of economy industry of

launched an investigation after receiving complaints from domestic chemical enterprises in February this year, released the investigation results on April 4. It was preliminarily determined that the market price of the above-mentioned products was lower than the normal price, causing losses to Japanese enterprises.

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