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Nano select: application and progress of nano enzyme in tissue repair and regeneration

wallpapers News 2020-11-13

regenerative medicine is a new therapy to promote self-healing regeneration of the body aiming at improving or recovering the tissue organ damage degradation caused by aging or various diseases. With the advent of aging society regenerative medicine has become the focus of development in the world it is one of the most promising programs to deal with the aging problem. In recent years the development of regenerative biotherapy represented by growth factors therapeutic nucleic acid drugs stem cells in the field of tissue repair regeneration has brought new hope to clinical patients. However this kind of therapy is vulnerable to oxidative damage of reactive oxygen species (ROS) overexpressed in the pathological microenvironment of injury degenerative diseases thus limiting the therapeutic effect which is a hot issue to be solved in this field. According to the characteristics of oxidative microenvironment of lesions the design of corresponding antioxidant treatment system for protecting delivered growth factors therapeutic nucleic acid drugs stem cells improving pathological microenvironment has become a frontier topic in the field of tissue repair regeneration. In recent years with the development of nanoscience

researchers have found a new kind of nano enzyme materials with similar biocatalytic activity to natural antioxidant enzymes which has attracted extensive attention in the academic field. Antioxidant nanozymes have the advantages of high specific surface area abundant catalytic active sites good stability easy surface modification functional modification can overcome the limitation of natural enzyme inactivation low yield. In addition antioxidant nanoenzymes can simulate the catalytic process of natural antioxidant enzymes regulate the oxidative stress level of biological tissues which has broad prospects in the biomedical field brings new strategies to solve the above problems.

recently the research group of Ling daishun a researcher of Zhejiang University School of pharmacy conducted a systematic review on the application of antioxidant nanoenzymes in tissue repair regeneration. This review first introduced the factors influencing the catalytic activity of antioxidant nanoenzymes discussed summarized the effects of different particle size morphology pH temperature composition on the catalytic activity of antioxidant nanoenzymes; further summarized the catalytic mechanism of several typical antioxidant nanoenzymes in recent years including superoxide dismutase (SOD) catalase (CAT) glutathione peroxidase In addition the therapeutic effect mechanism of antioxidant nanozymes in acute chronic skin trauma cardiovascular disease brain injury neurodegenerative diseases were discussed summarized. Finally the development prospect of antioxidant nanozymes in regenerative medicine the key bottleneck problems needed to be solved were prospected analyzed. The related review papers were published on

in nano select a new journal of Wiley press
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