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National energy work conference: revolution of energy consumption and supply

wallpapers News 2020-07-19

reporter learned from the national energy work conference: in 2014, China's energy structure was further optimized. It is estimated that in 2014, the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption will increase to 11.1%, the proportion of coal will drop to 64.2%. Wu Xinxiong, deputy director of the national development Reform Commission director of the state energy administration, pointed out that 2014 is an extremely important year for the development of China's energy industry. New achievements progress have been made in energy work.

clean energy developed rapidly achieved remarkable results. It is estimated that in 2014, the new installed capacity of hydropower will be about 20 million kilowatts, the total installed capacity will be about 300 million kilowatts. The 12th Five year plan target will be completed one year ahead of schedule. Five new nuclear power units will be put into operation, 22 nuclear power units will be in operation nationwide, with a total installed capacity of 2010 million kilowatts; the installed capacity of wind power will be more than 90 million kilowatts, the annual power generation capacity will be 150 billion kwh; The installed capacity of solar power generation is 30 million kilowatts, the annual power generation is 25 billion kwh. Significant progress has been made in the exploration development of shale gas, coalbed methane deep-sea oil gas, with shale gas production of 1.2 billion cubic meters, coalbed methane (coal mine gas) drainage volume of 17.1 billion cubic meters utilization of 7.5 billion cubic meters.

Wu Xinxiong stressed that 2015 is the last year to achieve the goals tasks of the 12th Five Year Plan, also a key year to connect the past with the future plan for the energy development of the 13th five year plan. In 2015, China's energy work will effectively promote the revolution of energy consumption energy supply.

promote the revolution of energy consumption, focus on improving energy efficiency, energy conservation emission reduction. We will continue to further promote the upgrading transformation of energy conservation emission reduction of coal power, vigorously improve the level of clean efficient utilization of coal. We should do a good job in promoting typical demonstration, vigorously support the establishment of national clean energy demonstration province "new town, new energy new life" demonstration counties, give full play to the demonstration driving role of coal power energy conservation emission reduction upgrading demonstration base demonstration power station. Scientific demonstration conscientiously grasp the construction of coal to liquid coal to gas demonstration projects. Cooperate with relevant departments to improve the energy efficiency of the whole society.

promote the energy supply revolution, optimize the energy structure, build a multi wheel drive, comprehensive safe energy supply system. Adhere to the direction of green low-carbon, vigorously develop non fossil energy, actively develop hydropower, safely develop nuclear power, adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to centralized distributed, combining centralized transmission with local consumption, vigorously develop wind power solar power generation, solidly promote the development of geothermal energy biomass energy. In accordance with the principle of developing both conventional unconventional resources attaching equal importance to both l Shanghai, efforts should be made to explore develop oil gas resources increase oil gas production capacity. In accordance with the policy of "overall planning, scientific layout, intensive development, green mining, efficient transformation clean utilization", we should strengthen management, support the superior limit the inferior, promote the healthy development of coal.

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