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Small structures: linear flexible lithium oxygen battery based on lithium tin hybrid anode

wallpapers News 2020-07-15
With the rapid commercialization of flexible wearable electronic products such as mobile phone with flexible folding screen smart bracelet folding mouse sports headset the traditional rigid low energy density secondary battery has been difficult to meet people's daily needs. Therefore it is particularly urgent to develop a flexible secondary energy storage battery with good flexibility repeated bending ultra-high energy density which can solve people's anxiety of endurance. Among many new secondary energy storage batteries lithium oxygen battery sts out because of its ultra-high theoretical energy density environmental friendliness which is expected to become the next generation of energy storage battery after lithium ion battery. Compared with flexible energy storage devices such as flexible lithium-ion batteries flexible supercapacitors so on

there are few researches on flexible lithium oxygen batteries. In addition to the structural design of flexible electrode the stability of electrochemical performance during bending folding process the safety of battery flexible lithium oxygen battery is also restricted by pure metal lithium as anode material. Pure metal lithium is widely used in lithium oxygen batteries because of its ultra-high theoretical energy density low potential. However with the repeated stripping / deposition of lithium ions in the batteries lithium dendrites are easy to form on the negative electrode surface which not only damages the SEI film on the negative electrode surface continuously consumes lithium metal electrolyte but also easily penetrates the diaphragm causing internal short circuit reducing the coulomb efficiency of the negative electrode Less cycle life. In addition when the flexible battery is bent folded it is easy to cause the separation of electrode material current collector affect the electrochemical performance even lead to short circuit resulting in serious safety problems. Zhang Xinbo research group State Key Laboratory of rare earth resources utilization Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry adopted a simple method to obtain a lithium tin mixed metal anode by adding a small amount of tin into the molten anode metal lithium described its characteristics in detail. Compared with pure metal lithium anode the mixed anode can effectively improve the wettability between lithium metal anode collector solve the problem of separation after multiple bending. The in-situ optical microscope confirmed that the lithium tin mixed anode can reduce the growth of lithium dendrite improve the coulomb efficiency cycle life of the anode. In lithium oxygen battery the charge discharge capacity of lithium tin mixed anode is higher than that of pure metal lithium anode at different current densities it does not affect the formation decomposition of lithium peroxide. Based on the lithium tin mixed anode gel electrolyte MnOOH loaded carbon rope cathode materials the research group assembled a flexible linear lithium oxygen battery showing good cycling stability. The battery was stable for 247 times at discharge current density of 500 mAg-1. In addition this kind of flexible battery is very light flexible even after repeated bending for tens of thouss of times it can still stabilize the charge discharge cycle is expected to be used as an energy storage device in wearable electronic devices. This research work provides a new research idea for metal anode protection flexible wearable energy storage devices.

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