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The fourth of the top ten guesses of 2015 petrochemical industry: under the new normal, has the era of innovation come?

wallpapers News 2020-11-08
In 2014, "new normal" has gradually become a common word in the petroleum chemical industry. Under the new normal, many enterprises find that the original tactics are ineffective to keep the market profits.

China's petroleum chemical industry is in the process of transformation from high-speed growth to medium high-speed growth. In this process, scabies, which used to be neglected in the past, is gradually becoming a serious disease. In an environment of slowing economic growth, faced with various adverse factors such as large-scale overcapacity weak dem, facing new challenges such as insufficient innovation capacity, intensified competition increasing constraints on energy conservation environmental protection, Li Yongwu, former president of the China Petroleum Chemical Industry Federation, said: "many domestic enterprises feel anxious. But we found that many multinational companies are very calm in our research. Because these enterprises have original innovation, technological innovation application innovation. In contrast, the core technology reserves of domestic enterprises are too small, the whole industry is in the stage of industrial technology hunger. "

obviously, the new normal makes entrepreneurs really "anxious" forms a strong reverse force mechanism - no way out without innovation. In fact, in the industry, the slogan of innovation has been called for many years, "ears are worn out of calluses.". However, there is still a market for the argument that "making is better than buying, buying is better than renting". Under the new normal, the situation is undergoing a great change. "Either disappear or persist." Fu Xiangsheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China National Chemical Corporation, said, "enterprises can really gain benefits through innovation. We should make good use of this power."

therefore, some people in the industry say that under the new normal, the industry will really usher in an era of innovation.

have reason to believe that in 2015 even for a long time to come, innovation will be one of the most common concepts in entrepreneurs' minds, will become the active behavior of many petrochemical enterprises. However, innovation is neither the "earth shaking generous" reconstruction, nor the industry can take a few years to achieve overnight. Stock optimization will be an urgent task for innovation. Zhao Zhiping, Deputy Secretary General of the China Petrochemical Federation, told reporters that transformation innovation does not necessarily mean aboning traditional fields marching into high value-added fields, nor is it necessary to make products that others do not have. It is also a kind of transformation innovation to make stock better. In fact, there are many typical enterprises to achieve inventory optimization. For example, Shong Hualu Hengsheng Group creatively invited a large-scale compound fertilizer enterprise to build its own factory, supplied urea to the other party at a relatively low price. Although the price of urea is low, the profit is still considerable because the transportation packaging costs are negligible. Fu Xiangsheng also said that in the face of the current market situation of serious overcapacity, China Chemical Group has carried out technical optimization equipment optimization, which has reduced energy consumption, improved product quality greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises.

in 2015, I believe that there will be more such models, the industry will accumulate more good experience methods of stock optimization to support the industry to solve the problem of digesting optimizing production capacity.

technological innovation will support the industry to move towards high-end. At present, China's oil chemical industry is in the middle low end of the global value chain. In the case of serious overcapacity the rigid rise of factor cost, the competitive advantage of enterprises mainly depends on technology efficiency rather than scale quantity. It can be predicted that if enterprises can not vigorously promote scientific technological innovation, realize high-end differentiated development, meet the diversified personalized needs of high-quality life of people who are heading for a well-off life, the "big, big black" chemical products can only be mercilessly aboned.

2014 central economic work conference pointed out that from the perspective of relative advantages of production factors, economic growth will rely more on the quality of human capital technological progress, innovation must be made a new engine to drive development. In November 2014, the science technology award special fund of China Petrochemical Federation announced that it was on the right track, a number of scientific technological achievements were awarded. The Federation said that in 2015, it will continue to do a good job in fund collection management, improve the quality of project application, promote oriented revolutionary scientific technological innovation, lead the industry to break through upgrade. It can be seen that both the national level the industry level have paid unprecedented attention to technological innovation. Many enterprises also said that they would realize innovation upgrading with the help of relevant policies.

management innovation will improve the operation efficiency of enterprises, reduce costs, become another source of profit. Li Wanqing, chairman of Hubei sanning Chemical Co., Ltd., believes that it is important to improve innovate the system mechanism carry out management innovation from the perspective of private enterprises small medium-sized enterprises. For example, a subsidiary of sanning chemical industry was a poor enterprise before the acquisition. After the acquisition, the products did not change the market situation did not improve, but it could make a profit of more than 10 million yuan a year. Therefore, if an enterprise has different systems mechanisms different management, its benefits will be different. "We should make full use of business cooperation opportunities with multinational companies, learn from each other's advanced ideas experience, learn from each other's effective control means." Talking about the plan for 2015, Li Xinsheng, general manager of Limin Chemical Co., Ltd., put management innovation in an important position.

thinking innovation will lead the development of the industry at a higher level. At the summit forum of "new normal, new power new pattern" held by China chemical industry news on November 30, 2014, Li Yongwu suggested that entrepreneurs at the meeting "must learn a little philosophy" learn to look at problems from a dialectical, comprehensive developmental perspective. In fact, innovation has been raised to the height of thinking innovation. This is highly echoed by entrepreneurs. The future of an enterprise depends largely on the decision of the entrepreneur. Whether the decision is appropriate or not is related to the future of the enterprise.

"in the future, only those energy enterprises that are good at thinking innovation adopt innovative mode can obtain a leading position." Wang Yusuo, chairman of the board of directors of ENN Group Co., Ltd., said that in the future, ENN will never become an enterprise that constantly uses funds to build factories, but will adopt a "crowd investment mode" based on rich experience in chemical base innovation. That is to say, we should adopt the Internet thinking, instead of selling equipment to selling products services, so as to construct a new industrial ecology.

can be predicted that with the development of industry 4.0 based on the Internet big data
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