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Maintenance method of angular contact ball bearing

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Maintenance method of angular contact ball bearing

1. When the bearing runs to a certain period (or maintenance and maintenance period), remove all the bearings;
2, with the cleaning of diesel oil or kerosene immersion cleaning bearings, if there are technical conditions better open the seal cover cleaning;
3. Empty dry the cleaning oil after cleaning, and check whether there is any damage to the appearance;
4, with a 150mm or so, the diameter of the angular contact ball bearing is the same diameter of the wood bar (preferably hollow tube), one end fixed a bearing;
5. While rapidly rotating the bearing by hand, push the other end of the stick (woodwind) against the ear or on the microphone of the audio amplifier to identify and listen to the rotating noise of the bearing;
6. After fixing the bearing, push the wood bar horizontally to check whether the bearing is worn and loose;
7. The FAG bearings with serious looseness, excessive rotation noise and serious defects shall be eliminated and replaced by the same type;
8. Take a bucket and melt the appropriate amount of grease (high quality yellow dry oil) with gentle fire (do not overheat). Put the tested bearings into the bucket and soak them until no bubbles overflow. Remove the bearing before grease cooling, the amount of remaining grease is small. After the grease is cooled, the angular contact ball bearing is removed, and the amount of residual grease is large. Determine how much grease remains as required.
9. Wipe the grease outside the bearing with a soft cloth or toilet paper and mount the FAG bearing to the pulley undamaged. The maintenance work will be finished immediately.

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