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The misunderstanding of quality discrimination of angular contact ball bearings

wallpapers Resource 2020-05-21

We usually identify the angular contact ball bearings of several misunderstandings:

1, through the surface feel bearing quality in the process of selling bearings we found that many customers said as long as the angular contact ball bearing surface is bright is good quality, this is wrong. The brightness of the surface of the angular contact ball bearing of the imported bearing should be a kind of dark brightness, which is caused by whether the steel used by the bearing is up to the standard, its grinding process and the cutting fluid, etc., of which the former two items are mainly.
2, chamfering whether bright Angle contact ball bearing chamfering does not determine the quality of the bearing, but it reflects the processing method of angular contact ball bearing. The chamfering is black, indicating that after quenching and other heat treatment, so as to increase the hardness of the bearing, and some people think that the chamfering is black not good-looking is not processed completely, this is a mistake.
3, the integrated cage is better than the two bodies, although the new process USES the integrated cage, but it only saves the material angular contact ball bearing, and the performance of the rotation is worse than the two bodies. In general, the service life of angular contact ball bearing is related to three factors, one is the quality of the imported angular contact ball bearing itself. The second is the use environment. Three is the installation method.

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