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Choosing the right shipping method and fulfillment strategy is one of the most important decisions for FBA business


As one of the most complex and cost-effective fulfillment methods in global e-commerce, Amazon Logistics (FBA) is a very popular way to ship goods from China to the United States. The service helps companies quickly manage inventory and expand operations. FBA businesses can leverage Amazon's warehouses, vast network, fulfillment centers, and customer service to accelerate growth and drive high turnover.


Choosing the right mode of transportation and fulfillment strategy is one of the most important decisions in any FBA business. Hiring a reputable freight forwarder like Asiana America can make shipping easier. We help you understand the process, minimize problems, and maximize profitability.


In addition to choosing a reliable freight forwarder, there are several other factors to consider to make shipping from China to Amazon FBA easy.


Choose a simple transportation strategy

One of the most critical steps in the process is determining the mode of transportation. There are two main ways to ship your goods from China to an Amazon facility. These include using a third party logistics (3PL) provider or shipping directly from China.


Third party logistics (3PL) provider

3PL is an independent service provider that provides storage, distribution, transportation and fulfillment services to enterprises. 3PL is useful for e-commerce businesses that do not have the ability to fulfill orders effectively.


3PL can provide an end-to-end solution, picking up goods at source and taking care of shipping all items until they arrive at an Amazon facility.


Because 3PL can serve a variety of businesses simultaneously, they are a cost-effective option that can help promote rapid growth or introduce new product lines. As a professional service provider, reputable 3PL is a reliable source of goods shipped overseas. What's more, because of the volume of regular shipments they make, they usually offer lower shipping rates.


If you change suppliers or are using a new manufacturer, 3PL can help ensure that all aspects are in order before shipment. For people leaving the country for the first time, 3PL will process the necessary documents to ensure that your goods are cleared smoothly. By combining shipping, you can benefit from competitive freight rates.


At DDPFORWORLD, we can handle all your shipping from China to the United States. We manage logistics, pay customs, help clear your products and take care of the last mile of delivery. While you focus on your business, we can ensure that your goods arrive at their designated FBA warehouse.


Ship directly to Amazon

If you have the knowledge, experience and resources, shipping your products directly to Amazon is another option. Shipping directly to an FBA operations center can save you thousands of dollars in potential 3PL fees, depending on the size of your shipment. But choosing to take care of the transportation yourself brings with it a lot of complexity.


One of the problems many businesses encounter when shipping directly to the FBA is the requirement to ship to multiple fulfillment centers (especially for large items). Although you can resolve this issue through Amazon's seller center, it can disrupt and prolong shipping.


Another issue that some Amazon sellers handle shipping themselves is the lack of company representatives at factories that make products in China. Hiring a freight forwarder to handle field tasks helps ensure efficient handling of manufacturing, quality control, labelling, packaging and distribution.

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