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What is the most suitable grease for high-temperature bearings?


What is the most suitable grease for high-temperature bearings?

1. Select low viscosity grease to ensure the existence of oil film. When the bearing runs at high speed, it will form a large impedance and generate a lot of heat, which will cause the temperature to be too high.

2. When the working temperature fluctuates greatly, the oil with high viscosity coefficient should be selected, and the oil with high viscosity and flash point, good oil and good antioxidant stability and the corresponding additives should be selected when working under the high-temperature standard. In low-temperature standards, low viscosity, the low water content of low-temperature resistant oil should be selected.

3. Because of the workplace, high temperature bearing grease should be selected with strong demulsification oil and rust-proof oil, and a dustproof seal should be paid for the indoor environment with large dust. In indoor environments with corrosive gases, grease with good corrosion resistance should be selected.

Introduction to high-temperature lubricating oil

Non-drop point high-temperature greases have excellent oxidation resistance, hardening or softening properties under high-temperature conditions. It is suitable for lubrication of bearings and transmission devices in long-term high-temperature operation and can be regularly lubricated. The lubrication period is longer than that of normal mineral greases. 10 to 15 times. Applicable temperature range:-10~+230℃, maximum intermittent temperature up to 260℃.

Performance of lubricant

High-temperature grease made of semi-synthetic lubricating oil thickened with new compound soap and high-performance compound additive. Excellent extreme pressure wears resistance, water resistance and high-temperature resistance, high-quality corrosion and rust resistance, excellent adhesion and high-temperature reversibility.

The main uses and application fields of grease

Suitable for steel, smelting, pulping, fresh water and seawater transportation, railway, power generation, automobile, construction, food machinery (environmental protection products) and other fields. Especially in the presence of high temperature, humidity, water (including seawater), corrosion, heavy load, impact load, 5251 grease shows its inherent excellent performance, and grease does not contain heavy metals and other functional additives harmful to the environment. Several domestic iron and steel companies apply the product to roll bearings of the rolling mill equipment in hot and cold rolling mills.

Common precautions of bearing

When using, the lubrication part should be cleaned; a Plastic compatibility test should be carried out before use; Should be placed in a cool and dry place, avoid moisture and impurities mixed, affecting product quality. Applicable temperature range:-25℃~+200℃, short-term up to 220℃

Application of bearing grease

1. Lubrication of ball and roller bearings, gears, cams, guides and chains for use under high temperature and humid conditions;

2. Used for lubrication of bearings in the high-temperature operation of boiler oven, a conveyor belt of the oven, plastic extruder sleeve, an induced draft fan of cracking furnace, regas compressor, dryer, resin finishing machine, hot air blower, exhaust fan, hot oil pump motor, molten salt pump motor, hot setting machine and so on.

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